Hang Tiên

The Hang Tiên Cave is located in Ke Bang National Park in Phong Nha, Vietnam and was only discovered in 2010 by a team of British cave explorers. The cave system is estimated to have formed some 550 million years ago, and completely filled with water for a large portion of its history. In 2016, the cave system was opened for public view, with Oxalis being the only organization authorized by the government to serve as a guardian and guide to view this magnificent treasure of nature. The 8-kilometer expedition to the mouth of the cave is extraordinary, varying in incline and terrain, as well as crossing rivers and dealing with mosquitoes.

The cave system itself consists of two parts, of which Cave One begins by opening to a large chamber with a patterned ceiling. Each step must be taken with care as light comes from only a single light source, however, visitors will be lead to many pour pools of varying sizes and beautiful scenery of jagged rocks.