Nirav is a self-taught photographer who has turned what began as a hobby into a lifestyle and profession. He was recently certified by the Hollywood Art Institute. Although the subject matter of his work varies greatly, his portfolio is united by a gracefully artistic composition. His work captures the essence of the subject matter while keeping open the possibility of imaginative interpretation. In a sense, his work could accurately be considered modern; however, there is a timeless quality to his work that one will notice instantly.

One of the most notable characteristics of his work is the fact that he so elegantly captures the way in which the geometrical form of the natural world so subtlety projects itself into our social world. The line dividing natural from artificial comes into question. In other words, there is an organic unity of composition which greatly characterizes his work.

Nirav’s keen eye for detail, and his mastery of photographic form, began early on while growing up in Zambia. He “borrowed” his father’s Yashica FX-D Quartz SLR camera and began to shoot, capture and represent the beautiful world around him. Since then, Nirav’s work has been on public display in places as diverse as Irvine, California and Mumbai, India.

In addition to shooting photography, for either business or pleasure, Nirav enjoys traveling and experiencing what different parts of the world have to offer.

Nirav currently resides in Long Beach, California and is available to work globally.



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Nirav Solanki Photography

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